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Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, P.A. is a firm dedicated to providing diligent, efficient, and effective legal services across the state. We have handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars for our clients in matters involving commercial and residential property damage, accident victims, insurance coverage disputes, and consumer protection claims.

Whether you have been denied coverage by your insurance company for a significant loss, have been injured in a horrific accident, or are being harassed by creditors, our dedicated lawyers and staff are here to help you through every stage of your case. By allowing our attorneys to advocate on your behalf, you can rest assured that everything possible will be done to get you the maximum compensation.

To help you get started, our law firm offers a FREE initial consultation. No matter the circumstances of your case or what type of loss you or someone you love has sustained, an experienced attorney can look over the matter to determine exactly how to assist you.

Latest News

2017 Florida Super Lawyers List

Mr. Rami Shmuely, the founding and managing partner at Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, P.A., has been selected to the 2017 Rising Star list by Florida Super Lawyers.


Thousands Of Cases Hinge on Florida Justices’ Allstate Decision

January 22, 2016 – The Florida Legislature, responding to increased litigation spawned by a 2008 amendment, again in 2013 changed the law so that every insurer follows the Medicare fee schedule regardless of what the company says its policy is, according to Mr. Rami Shmuely, who has several PIP cases pending against Allstate.

Daily Business Review: Supermarket Fall Ends with $1.66M Award

Dec 30, 2015 – A jury issued a seven-figure damage award against Publix Super Markets in a premises liability case.

Claims Journal: Bungled Boat Repair Claims Stretch More than a Decade, Results in $567,000 Award

By: David Keller and James E. Mitchell | October 20, 2015

What began in 2003 as a $40,000 repair to a yacht will cost Jones Boat Yard in Miami and the boat owner’s insurance company almost 12 times that amount. Twelve years after the loss, following a two-week jury trial, James E. Mitchell and D. David Keller of Keller Landsberg PA secured the verdict their client had been waiting for patiently.

CNBC: Fighting Back When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

Guest Author Blog: Jay Feinman, the author of DELAY, DENY, DEFEND: Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claims – And What You Can Do About It.
Insurance companies basically sell security. A consumer is willing to pay insurance premiums in the expectation that if something bad happens—a house burns down, a car crashes—the company will pay for the loss that otherwise might financially ruin the consumer.
But insurance companies increasingly fail to honor their promise of security.

Florida MRI Clinic Says Insurer Wrongly Denied PIP Benefits

February 20, 2014 – Pan Am Diagnostic Services Inc. represented in part by Mr. Rami Shmuely, claims that Texas based Equity and its Florida based agent Windhaven Managers Inc. have repeatedly executed a scheme of misreporting payments to make it appear that policyholders have exhausted the statutory limit of their PIP coverage, to the detriment of medical providers who have lawful claims.

Daily Business Review: Insurance Settlement A Victory For Florida Homeowners

By Valorie S. Chavin | June 18, 2013

In a landmark class-action settlement reached recently in Romero v. Florida Peninsula Insurance, the Florida Homeowners’ insurance carrier has agreed to refund 50 percent of the deductible that it previously required its insureds to pay when Florida Peninsula invokes the “option to repair” provision in its insurance policies. The resolution represents a significant victory that will affect countless Florida homeowners.

Insurance Companies Sacrifice Customers for Profit

On December 13, 2011, The Huffington Post published an article all policyholders should read. The title of the article is, Insurance Claim Delays Deliver Massive Profits To Industry By Shorting Customers, and it reports how the insurance industry is making money by delaying, or denying, valid claims made by the customers they are supposed to protect. It highlights how the insurance industry has shifted from a service industry to an industry that is drive by corporate profit and loyalty to shareholders.

Representative Defendants

We have successfully recovered from:

  • Allstate Indemnity Company
  • American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida
  • American Security Insurance Company
  • AmTrust North America, Inc.
  • Ascendant Commercial Insurance, Inc.
  • Bank of America Corporation
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
  • Citigroup Technology, Inc.
  • Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
  • Claims Management Inc.
  • Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc.
  • Direct General Insurance Co.
  • EBAY Inc.
  • ELCO Administrative Service Co.
  • EHI Risk Financial Services Inc.
  • Esurance Insurance Services Inc.
  • FCCI Insurance Group
  • First Community Insurance Co.
  • First Floridian Auto and Home Insurance Co.
  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Co.
  • Geico
  • GeoVera Holdings, Inc.
  • Greater Miami Jewish Foundation
  • Gulfstream Property And Casualty Insurance Co.
  • Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
  • Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance
  • Infinity Insurance Co.
  • Integon Indemnity Corporation
  • Kingsway Amigo Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Mercury Indemnity Company of America
  • MGA Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Midland Credit Management, Inc.
  • Mount Sanai Medical Center of Florida
  • National General Lender Services
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC
  • Prepared Insurance Co.
  • Progressive Express Insurance Co.
  • Progressive Select Insurance Co.
  • QBE
  • Safe Harbor Insurance Co.
  • Safepoint Insurance Co.
  • Security National Insurance Co.
  • Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
  • Sentry Insurance A Mutual Co.
  • Southern Oak Insurance Co.
  • St. Johns Insurance Company, Inc.
  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.
  • State Farm Florida Insurance Co.
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.
  • Titan Insurance Co.
  • Travelers Indemnity Co.
  • United Automobile Insurance Co.
  • Universal Risk Advisors, Inc.
  • USAA Federal Savings Bank
  • Windhaven Managers, Inc.
  • York Risk Services Group, Inc.